Better Spinning Has Arrived


Summer is rolling along and the mornings are getting chilly here! The colder air this time of year always makes me want to knit everything I can think of. Shawls, sweaters, hats, socks, pretty much anything I can find in my personal knitting library or Ravelry. However, I have promised myself that I will get some things finished and cast off before I start any more new projects. And that means I need to get some knitting done. That is going to be complicated.

School is starting next week, and that means a new schedule around here. It also signals the real change for me. When I worked at the preschool, it meant I was going to back to work. Now, I am not going back to work, so I need to fill my time up and not be thinking about how much I miss all those little people. One of the things I have decided is that I will be spending a good bit of that time knitting.
That brings me to my yarn problem. I am definitely going to run out of yarn for my Lillian Fay sweater. I dyed the yarn several years ago, so hopefully I will be able to match another skein to the yarn I have already knit up.


What really has me excited right now is this:


This is the yarn I am spinning right now. Some kind of magic has happened with me and my spinning wheel. All of the sudden I am spinning a single that isn’t completely corkscrews and I just want to spin all the time. A few days ago I finished plying the yarn that was in this post.


It is so much nicer than the yarn I had plied before that. It is just amazing how different it is. I think the stuff I am spinning right now is going to come out infinitely better.

Are any of you doing Spinzilla this year? I did it a couple years ago, but not last year. I am really excited to do it this year with all the improvement I have had in my spinning lately. With all this spinning I am doing, I am going to really need to get some roving for Spinzilla or I will run out.

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