My Epic Knitting Fail

Yesterday, I mentioned a few new projects coming along around here and an epic fail. I will save the fail for last. My first new project is a birthday gift for our youngest. She is turning 11 next month, and I am knitting her an Elena Nodel sweater called Paprika.

blue hand dyed yarn

I dyed this lovely blue yarn just for this project. The sweater is knit top down, has a few cables, and will have a hood. It has short sleeves, but I should have plenty of yarn left over if she thinks it needs full sleeves. So far, I like the pattern even though I felt the need to print the right pages off AND highlight the sections that apply to the size I am making. The layout of the pattern left me worried that I would make a lot of mistakes if I did not highlight which sections I needed.

There are other new projects on the needles for her birthday and Christmas, but there is really nothing ready for pictures yet. Toys don’t look like much until you get them put together. I decided about a month ago to make each of my girls a little collection of things for Christmas this year. From long experience, I knew I should start that project well ahead of time. Any craft project that is going on the first of December will probably not be completed in time. I really do not like to be rushed to finish anything, so over the years, I have learned to plan way ahead if I want to give handmade gifts.

That Epic Fail I Mentioned…

I expect that some of you may remember the sweater from this post that I have been working on recently. It, sadly, looks like it may fit my husband. He is not a small man. It was so large that when I tried it on, that sweater just kept sliding off my shoulders. At that point, I had just cast off the neck and had not started knitting the button bands on. The bottom of the sweater came down probably 3 inches farther than I anticipated. Needless, to say, I did not start the button bands.

Leaf detail

At the time, I really thought I had my gauge right on. In hindsight, I should have run a thread through the stitches and pulled the circular needles out to try it on when I got to the underarm. Doing that might have saved me a lot of ripping that is going to have to happen. Right now, the sweater is in timeout while I decide what I want to do. If I decide to re-knit, I may want to go down a needle size and a sweater size. I suspect that I chose a size that was giving me more ease than I wanted, too. Last year while knitting my Ravello sweater (that is Ravelled here), I learned that fit is as important as gauge. With too much ease, you feel like you are wearing a sack. That may be fine for a sweater meant to be worn while feeding sheep and possibly with another sweater under it. A sweater for wearing out and about should look good on me.

pink flowers

I will leave you on a happier, prettier note. These flowers hang down and greet me every time I walk along the back porch. They make me happy!

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