Finish That Knitting Project

Summer vacation is almost over here, so it is time I get busy. I feel like I’ve been kind of lazy about my blogging and knitting this summer. It seems like summer is for kind of kicking back and relaxing. It might just be me, but I always go into summer thinking about big projects I am going to get done around the house. And then in the middle of July I realize I have not gotten as much done as I thought I would. Every single year. I think I am just going to accept that this is just way things are.

I have made some big changes in my life, that should give me more time for Moon Stone Farm Yarn. Early last spring, I made the decision to leave my preschool job. A job that I really loved. I was working with one of my best friends, spending time with little ones and helping them on their first steps to really being a success in school. However, I wasn’t following my dream. My friend, Gretchen, was following her dream of providing the opportunity for people to get their little ones a preschool education. It was not easy to leave something I loved so much. Change is not easy, but I knew I needed to do it to follow my own dream. So expect to see things happening here at Moon Stone Farm Yarn!

Today I am going to show off a project that I have been working on for a couple of years:

knitted leaf detail

This pattern is Lillian Fay by Ellen Mason. I started it a couple years ago and have set it aside to work on other things so many times it is ridiculous. This spring I decided enough is enough! I actually love working on this project and am finally almost done. The yarn is is my own hand dyed worsted weight in a colorway I call Grape.

When I finish Lillian Fay, I am going to work on finishing the edging on my hap shawl. I made it for the Knit British Hap Along last year.

Hap shawl knitting detail

It is the Hansel pattern by Gudrun Johnston. Mine is a full Hansel. The pattern comes with the option of doing a half Hansel that is triangle shaped, or the full Hansel that is a traditional Hap shawl. The idea of the edging was a bit much for me when I got to it, so I put it away for a while. I need to just finish it, so I can use it this winter.

My plan for it is to work on it first thing in the morning. I get up before everyone else in the house, so I get some quiet time at the start of my day. And maybe once I get into that edging I will love it and not be able to stop doing it. I can dream, right?