Starting the Gift Knitting

Gift Knitting Begins

It is amazing the things you can find to do online (peruse Ravelry) when you turn your computer on to do something entirely different. I really don’t need to my computer to get on Ravelry and resume my gift knitting hunt. My tablet usually works quite nicely for wasting hours of my day trolling Ravelry. Tweaking the website was just going to have to wait. I went on a pattern buying spree this morning. Generally, I buy one pattern at a time. Today, I think I bought 4. There might have been more, though. One of them is printed and paired up with a skein of yarn, ready to be cast on at a moments notice:


That is the Snowstorm hat pattern by Anna Rauf. The yarn is my Moon Stone Farm Merino Worsted in Aqua Sea Green. Right now I am really loving hats with lots of cables. They look impressive and give you something to do. This hat will not be mindless knitting, and I have been wanting a project I really have to pay attention to lately. It is intended to be a Christmas gift, so an early start is probably a good idea. I might get sick of doing cables before it is done and forget to knit on it every day.

Lillian Fay Progress

My Lillian Fay is still coming along. The other day I was thinking about how long it was taking me to knit a wrong side row vs. a right side row. I realized I really don’t care for knitting purl stitches. The right side knit stitch rows go really quickly and then I slog through the next row. Soon I will be to the big decrease row on the yoke. I can’t wait. There are really two reasons I am wanting that decrease row to come. Long rows of purl are bad enough, but I am afraid I am going to run out of yarn, too. Yarn chicken, here I come.


The bigger this sweater gets, the more I love that purple.


School starts here in a couple weeks. This week I am really glad school hasn’t started yet. Our summer has been pretty cool compared to the past few years, but this week it has been HOT. Yesterday it was over 100 degrees. Long rides on the bus after school are no fun when it is that hot. My kids are on the bus for nearly an hour before they get home. We live WAY out in the country and are at the end of the bus route. It is really hot in much of the country right now, so I hope where ever you are, you are keeping cool!

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